The PUSH! PT Academy

A 12-week health and fitness learning journey.

It’s the full package!

Lose fat, gain fitness, learn how to exercise to suit your goals, constant help and support, part of a team of like-minded people, gain strength, boost confidence, drop clothes sizes and improve general wellbeing.

£175 just £14.58 a week.

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Knowledge Is Key 🔑

This plan will get you fitter, stronger and far leaner than you were before. You will also learn all the skills and knowledge you need to carry on by yourself once the programme has finished.

This IS NOT a fad diet or crash course 🍔

The Academy is so called because it’s a learning process which will set you up for the future. If you understand how your body works, you’ll never need a crash diet or quick fix ever again.

Fun & Engaging 😄

Weekly challenges and fun random daily challenges are added to keep you on your toes and boost progress.

The Academy isn’t for everyone 🤷🏻‍♀️

You must be totally committed and in return you’ll get incredible results!

Dan Birkin

What have you achieved from The Academy?

“I managed to lose 2stone 10lbs during the 12-week plan, but I also managed to massively improve my strength and fitness. But the knowledge you gain from the experience should help you If you ever need to shed a few lbs in the future.”

Rebecca Woodward

How has The Academy affected your life and lifestyle?

“It has made me so much happier; I’ve learnt things that I will carry with me forever. I’ve shook bad habits and grown new positive ones!”

Gabby Mitchell

What have you achieved from The Academy?

“What I have achieved is getting back some of 'me’. I feel like I had self-love time. I feel a stronger, fitter and happier Mother and partner and just person in general. I'm claiming back my identity.”

Gemma Wearden

What made you look at The Academy and think “Yes! This is what I need”?

“The group support really appealed to me; even though it was essentially an online programme, there was still hourly/daily interaction with other on the programme, which would be vital to staying on track and focused”

James Pollit

How has The Academy changed your views on fitness, exercise, diet and nutrition?

“It has definitely helped me see diet and nutrition in a different light. How much it can affect the body and influence changes. And also how variations in exercises and workouts can help achieve different changes in the body.”

Mia Jones

What would be the main reason you recommend The Academy to other people?

“How dedicated and hardworking you are towards the team. You always check in with everybody and are always giving new, helpful advice/information that will help us even more. Also, you made it feel more like a little family which is ace!”

Lucy Howarth

What is your favourite feature of The Academy? For example, the app? The workouts? The recipe packs? Using MyFitnessPal? The WhatsApp Group?

“My favourite feature about the academy was the WhatsApp group, at first I didn’t like to speak much but then we ended up talking every single day supporting everyone and cheering everyone on.”

Zoe Taylor

What did you find your trainer did particularly well during your time at The Academy?

“just absolute kept me on track, was supportive 100% of the time, gave pep talks when needed, private messaged if noticed we needed an extra boost…. He was just a top trainer and I would recommend him to anybody (even when he’s stern 🤣)”

Sarah Patterson

If there’s one word or phrase you could use to describe the whole experience, what would it be and why?

“Life changing- I feel so much better in myself.”

Katie Walker

What previous views on fitness, diet and nutrition did The Academy help to change? For example, the belief that you have to starve yourself to lose weight.

“Exactly that! The only time I’ve ever really lost weight previously was when I tried the ‘Cambridge Plan’ quite a few years ago, which I think totally messed up my views on how to lose weight and I think the fear of eating too much has stuck with me since. Doing The Academy has changed that completely and has taught me so much & I now feel more comfortable eating more but eating the right foods.”

Gemma Bosley

What would be the main reason you reccomend The Academy to other people?

“It works and it's great! It's hard but worth the hard work.”